Thursday, November 26, 2009

2009 Trade Show at Uncasville, CT

SnapSports NorthEast and SnapSports TriState had successful Park and Rec Show in Mohegan Sun Casino and Convention Center! SnapSports NorthEast covers Northern Connecticut, Western Mass and Rhode Island. SnapSports TriState covers New Jersey, New York and Southern Connecticut. Thomas, TriState President and I have a great team together. We are planning to go back next year with a big plan! We hope to see you again next year!

Craig Bryden, SnapSports NorthEast President and Thomas Petersen, SnapSports TriState President

C. Roger Moss, East Hartford Parks and Recreation Director and Craig Bryden, SnapSports NorthEast President

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hockey Floors in the basement! (Barrington, RI)

Michael Dolan did some researching for his son to play hockey in their basement. Michael spoke to few competitors but was not impressed with their tiles. He felt in love after he saw indoor tiles he was looking for. He immediately purchased Classic XL tiles on our first appointment and I promised him that I would install the flooring before 1st weekend of November. We got the job done in time! He and his son loved it!

Hope to see his son in the NHL in the future! :-)

Beautiful 30 x 60 UNC Basketball Court (North Kingstown, RI)

My crew and I finished installing a beautiful 30 x 60 UNC Court few weeks ago.. The Pelletiers have a nice court package which includes UNC logo, 10 x 15 rebounder, multi purpose net, and double lightening. Their 2 boys love the court. The boys always use their court all day playing basketball and soccer especially 10 x 15 rebounder while their father is busy getting their new house ready before they move in December.

I am looking forward seeing the Pelletiers again when we go to Rhode Island to visit our parents in law where they live in Pawtucket, RI. I know my kids would love to play on their court with their 2 boys!

Nice court you have Mike!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Beautiful 30 x 50 UConn Court (Windsor, CT)

Beautiful 30 x 50 UConn Court!

The Gould's family!

SnapSports NorthEast Crew s favorite drink when installing court!!! :-)

It was a long weekend installing this beautiful UConn Multi Purpose Court. The Deaf Family purchased this court. They were the first Deaf Family to buy SnapSports Court in the USA! Congrats to the Gould's family! They love the court! They can not wait to show the court to their friends and families for their daughter s birthday party this weekend!

I would like to say many thanks to my crew (David and Garfield) for their hard work and making this beautiful court as well! Also I would like to say many thanks to the Gould's family for providing us Sweet Iced Tea drinks the whole weekend! Hopefully our next court project we would get some more Lipton sweetened iced tea to drink! :-)

Our next court project in few weeks will be at North Kingstown, RI then Johnston, RI!! We are looking forward to installing more courts and bring more smiles to the children faces!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Advertised my business at Fenway Park today!

Hope some people calls me after seeing my shirt today at the Red Sox game with my Dad. Red Sox won today 7-0. We had a good time together!

Monday, August 24, 2009

30 x 50 Court in Cape Cod!

I build this 30 x 50 Court last year in Cape Cod! This morning, my wife and I stopped by to say hey to our customer, Alan before we went home to Connecticut. Alan or his family was not home. We were bummed because we hoped to surprise them. I took a picture of this beautiful 30 x 50 Court in his backyard this morning. It still looks great! I am hoping to hear from Alan or his family very soon to see how they are doing!
Hope you are still enjoying your court Alan!

New SnapSports NorthEast T Shirts!

SnapSports NorthEast Logo on front of t shirt!

SnapSports NorthEast logo on back of t shirt!

We ordered new SnapSports NorthEast T Shirts. SnapSports NorthEast T Shirt is sale for 15.00. Please let me know if your interested to get one! We have grey and white t shirts. We have small, medium, large, and extra large. We even have 2 extra large tall for tall people like me! :-) Every time our customer buys SnapSports court, each gets a free t shirt!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mike Pelletier wrote me an e mail why he picked me

Please read what Mike wrote to me few days ago....


Excavator showed, but did not work on court area. Hopefully this week. I chose you because you took the time to explain the differences between court tiles of different companies. Shocktower seems to be the best product from what I have seen. You also keep in touch with me over a 2 month decision process without being a salesman. You also seemed to care that my family ended up with the best product for years to come. We can't wait for our court to be built.

Thank you,

The Pelletiers

Gregory Gould's Court Almost Done!

Here is the picture of his 30 x 50 Court. The Retaining wall was installed last week. Look how beautiful his court is now!!!!! They can not wait for their court to be installed. I am very exciting for them.. We will install his court next weekend.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sold 30 x 60 Multi Game Court today! (North Kingstown, Rhode Island)

Mike's New House being build....

That is where 30 x 60 court will be located in their backyard. Rocks will be placed around the court. It will be a beautiful landscape!

I am pleased to say that Mike Pelletier purchased 30 x 60 Multi Game Court today. I first met Mike for our first appointment 2 months ago. Mike did some shopping talking to few competitors. Mike loves my customer service the way I can be reached if he has any questions. He wanted the best product in the market which is Bounceback Shocktower tiles. I kept in touch with Mike time to time to see how he was doing. He asked me if he could see me again this week so I went to see him today. I gave him a great deal so he signed today. He will be getting UNC court! Dark Blue, Sky Blue and Grey colors on his court including UNC logo! Wish it was a UConn court instead of UNC court. Sorry Mike :-)

His house is being build and will be ready in few months.. His goal was to get a court ready and fresh at the same time once the house is done. Now, he got it! :-)

Congrats Mike and we are thrilled to have you and your family as part of our SnapSports family!

Updates with my other courts: Greg Gould's 30 x 50 Court will be installed hopefully next weekend because he is having retaining wall installed this week. Greg cant not wait for UCONN logo to be installed on his court!

Thomas will be next to purchase Bounceback Shocktower tiles in September.

I will be having more appointments this coming week. It should be an exciting week!

Monday, July 20, 2009

AAU Championship Basketball Tournament & SnapSports Sports Baketball Flooring

You need to see this video! SnapSports is getting stronger than EVER! They sold a lot of courts during the AAU Tournament. Way to go SnapSports! I am proud to be part of SnapSports. They do a lot of marketing and advertisement all over the United States!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blacktop Basketball Court located in Johnston, RI.

6'7" SnapSports NorthEast President, Craig Bryden busy painting! I know I shouldnt be painting but I LOVE to paint. It is my passion! That is why I love my job!

Done! Well not really because bounceback shocktower tiles will be on the court in Late September!

This customer named Thomas found my SnapSports postcard in his mailbox one weekend when I was in RI for one of my son s AAU Basketball tournament in Portsmouth, RI. He called the day after receiving my postcard. We met at his pizza restaurant for an appointment. He was very interested getting a court in possible in Sept but wanted me to paint 3 point lines on his existing blacktop court first. The rain kept us off the court for few weeks. Finally today I called Thomas to see if he was ready for me to come to paint the lines? We came and painted the lines and Thomas liked it very much the way I did with 3 point lines. Thomas asked us to come to his restaurant for dinner after we were done. We had pizza and the pizzas were great! Thomas told me that he wanted me to stop by again in September because he is ready to deposit to get bounceback shocktower tiles for his existing blacktop court!!! I cant wait to go back for more pizza! Of course I am looking forward installing his court soon! Oh yea Thomas gave me permission to leave my SnapSports post cards on the counter for his customers to take!

Gould's 30 x 50 Court Update

Steve removed one of the stumps.

30 x 50 Court graded and ready for Concrete pour!

Beautiful Concrete Court!

Gregory Gould's Court is getting there! My concrete contractor, Steve did a great job. He did every thing what Town of Windsor told him in order for Gould to get a court for his backyard. He removed 3 stumps and poured a really nice concrete pad! He added sleeves for ball containment fencing/10 x 15 rebouncer and hoop anchor as well. Greg Gould will be adding retaining wall on the back of the court because of the deep slope in his backyard. We should be installing the Bounceback Shocktower tiles and hoop hopefully this weekend if not then next weekend. Also the court will have UConn Logo in the key area! They are big UConn fan like I am!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sold 30 x 50 Multi Purpose Court to a Deaf Couple!!

SnapSports NorthEast President, Craig Bryden and New SnapSports Customer, Gregory Gould.

I wanted to say big CONGRATULATIONS to Gregory & Diane Gould. They bought 30 x 50 Court with Ball Containment fencing with rebouncer. They will have UConn Huskies logo on their court. They are very exciting about getting a court for their family and friends to use. They have 2 children, Douglas 6, and Nicole 2.

They are the first deaf customers to purchase SnapSports court! SnapSports never had a deaf customer to purchase their court.. I was able to communicate with them using American Sign Language. They felt comfortable with me and I helped them with their court planning especially I helped interpret for Gregory when he had some questions with the tree removal guy.

After Gregory signed the contract, I took him and his son out to Pizza restuarant for dinner! It was a fun day! Right Gregory? :-)

We will install their court in mid July. We will take a picture of the whole family on their court when it is finished and post the picture in this blog.. Stay tuned...

SO who is next????? You better make court appointments with me soon before I get booked in july and august! It takes 3 to 4 weeks to get a court build...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SnapSports Testimonials

Enjoy read the testimonials from my customers. I e mailed all of my customers this morning. Please check again later for more testimonials. Thanks!

We absolutely love the court - we loved dealing with you - and you and your crew did an awesome job with the planning and installation of the the court - it couldn't have been better! Abby and I and all her friends love playing basketball with the feel of a real court and an awesome pole, backboard, hoop... Anyone who comes to see it is very impressed!! And all of the non-basketball players love playing pickleball, volleyball, badminton with the awesome net and pole - we're really glad we made that addition to the project!! And - it looks great in the yard!! Best of luck and continued success in your business and with your family... The Spagnola's, Galway, NY

Craig and his crew did a great job installing our new sport court. It's been a huge addition to our home. All of the children in the area use it all of the time year round. In fact this past winter we froze the surface and skated all winter. Thanks for a great product at a very good price. Michael C. Wilmington, Ma

Craig worked with us a few years ago and to this day we absolutely love our court. Craig was reliable and easy to work with. He was patient while we were making decisions and helped guide us with our choices. We appreciated his hard work and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him and his family while and after the work was done. Carla and Kevin L. Westford, Ma

Craig, thank you for the wonderful court. You did a fantastic job getting this project finished as promised. It was promised to be perfect and that is how it ended up. Trust me, I am a perfectionist and Craig delivered. He is an honest and hard working guy who kept me very well informed all along the way. I am glad that I made the decision to go with him. Thanks again Craig for meeting your promise and delivering a perfect court. My family and I thank you. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference! Ron L. from Easthampton, Ma

Bill, Danny, Ryan and I love our new court. Not only have we played lots of basketball so far, we've also been using the rebounder net for soccer and baseball practice! Ryan, who is 3 years old, has been wheeling around on his big wheel non-stop. So far the court is everything we hoped for. Craig and his crew did a great job installing the court in some brutally hot weather and it came out fantastic. Everyone who has seen it in the neighborhood has said, "Wow!" So, our thanks go out to Craig for doing such a top notch job. If you're ever in Dudley, MA feel free to stop by for a game of "HORSE!" Bill and Janet B. from Dudley, Ma

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peter Lynch will play for Middlebury College next year!

I received an e mail from Peter Lynch's mother, Carla this morning. Carla and Kevin Lynch are very exciting about Peter playing for Middlebury College next year. Middlebury College is NCAA Division 3 college located in Middlebury, Vermont.

I remembered Peter clearly when I went to Lynch's house for court estimate appointment 3 years ago. He was a really tall kid! He was an easy going kid. I knew he had the talent when he played against me one on one on their court! He was tough to beat!

As noted in the, Middlebury College has added Peter Lynch to the fold for next year. Lynch is a do it all type of role playing forward in the mold of the Boston Celtics’ Brian Scalabrine. He’s a physical interior presence, an extremely hard worker on both ends of the floor, and someone who doesn’t need a lot of shots to impact the game. Simply said, he’s the kid of guy who helps his team win.

I wish Peter the best of luck playing for Middlebury College! I am proud to announce that Peter is my first customer that will be playing for NCAA Basketball team!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to develop your kid to be one of good basketball players in your town?

Daron Bryden # 11 Point Guard/Shooting Guard for AAU 4th Grade Middlesex Magic.

Hello friends,

My oldest son Daron who just turned 7 last month is already a good basketball player... I hate to brag but when he played for East Windsor 1st Grade League. He was the best player in the league averaging over 18 points. Even the director of the league went up to me and said that he should be playing in 2nd/3rd grade league even he is in first grade. A lot of parents thought Daron was not 1st grade because of his skills. They moved him to 2nd/3rd grade league.

Daron is currently playing for Under 10 4th grade AAU Middlesex Magic team near Boston, Ma. He is the ONLY 1st Grader on the team. Middlesex Magic Director said it is hard for first grader to play for 4th grade AAU team. I am so proud of him! He plays with Eddie House's son. Eddie House plays for Boston Celtics! The practice is every Friday and Sunday. The ride to practice weekly is very tough but I kept saying to myself that it is worth the experience for my son to play with bigger and better players. The drive is 1 hour 20 minutes each way! Daron never complained about the long drives. He is having a ball and loves to be with good players. Every friday when I get home from work, he is all ready to go to practice with his practice jersey on!!!

He is improving, getting stronger and gaining more confidence. He speaks up during the game. He was very bashful in the beginning. I am really proud of him!!! He has matured a lot the last 2 months when he joined the AAU team in Feb. Daron is going to have a busy summer playing two basketball leagues (Hartford, CT and Wilbraham, MA) then Starts football in August! I am looking forward teaching my next son Jaxon and daughter, Mikaela how to play basketball soon!

Tips how to get your children to be good at basketball:

1) Get a SnapSports Court for your backyard for your children to play. Court sizes do not matter. Even 20 by 20 Court is still good enough! Daron has 26 x 36 Court in his backyard.

2) Teach and coach your children how to shoot and dribble. If you do not know how to coach basketball, feel free to ask me. I have experiences coaching basketball for 6 years so far.

3) Spend a lot of time playing with your children on your SnapSports Court! Also make sure you tease and play around with your children so they would enjoy basketball a lot!

4) Get your children in K/1st grade league to get started if possible.. Have your kid try out for AAU team if you think he or she would be good enough physically. Tip: Daron was ready physically with bigger kids because he played football with full pads last year which helped him!

Hope it helps! Free free to post comments or ask questions, I would be more than happy to help you!

Craig Bryden Daron Bryden's Father

First SnapSports Court of 2009!!!

Hello friends,

We just finished installed 30 by 34 SnapSports Court with Ball Containment Fencing around the court. The customer loved the court. The kids played all day when it was done! I ended up playing hoop with the customer s daughter. I was helping her how to shoot the right way. We enjoyed playing together a lot!

The court is located in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Feel free to ask me if you would like to see the court!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Outdoor Bounceback ShockTower Tiles arrived today!!!

When I first felt the tiles, my reaction was WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt so good when I felt the tile. It has a lot of cushion. It feels like you are REALLY in the gym! I am not kidding. You have to SEE the best tile in the industry.. My kids enjoyed jumping on the Shocktower tiles! You could see that the tiles helped my kids jump HIGHER!!! ;-) They asked me to buy one for our backyard court. I told them I will once we move to a new house in few years!

CALL ME or E MAIL ME for an appointment! Have a Great Easter with your family!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hello Friends,

I no longer use my blackberry pager. I just purchased new iphone today. It is a great phone to use away from the computer! My new iphone phone number for text is 860 593 1332. Feel free to text me if you get to get a hold of me. Thanks!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

SnapSports just released the Bounceback SHOCKTOWER Tile last week!!!

I am very excited about our new tile. The best tile ever in the industry.. I will get the sample tile this week so if you would like to see the tile, please e mail or give me a call.
SnapSports continues to lead the industry with the most advanced athletic sports surface on the globe. With the patent-pending ShockTower™ technology, SnapSports has again raised the bar in performance and safety that is unsurpassed by any other outdoor sports surfacing.

The main focus of the Outdoor BounceBack Game Court with ShockTower technology is to reduce the severity of injuries as well as enhance the personal safety of the athletes that play on it. There are sixteen individual ‘shock towers’ per square foot that ensure a consistent playing surface, an excellent coefficient of friction, and provides an unmatched level of shock absorption to reduce injury.

SHOCKTOWER™ A patented resilient shock technology designed with performance and safety in mind. The 2mm shock deflection offers excellent impact control and ball response while providing excellent rolling load support.
(Multi-Patents Pending)
Sixteen individual contact points ensure a consistent playing surface and excellent coefficient of friction to keep the surface in place.
(Multi-Patents Pending)
SHOCKLOCK® the most advanced
and innovative locking system in the modular
flooring industry. The ShockLock system allows the
interlocking modules to freely slide laterally,
reducing the impact to an athlete’s joints.
The design of the locking system also stays fully
engaged during play. This feature helps to reduce injury and provides
safety to players.
The understructure of our ShockTower™ Suspension System acts as a dual stage vertical impact absorber, reducing fatigue and injuries to players. There are just under 1200 multi-height shock absorbers per square foot. Each module weighs a full pound and stands 3/4".

The SnapSports BounceBack® Outdoor Court Surface is proven to be the indusry's BEST In abrasion & traction control! Tests conducted by an independent US laboratory determined SnapSports' BounceBack® outdoor courts to be the Industry’s BEST!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

SnapSports won the first round for Nets March Madness Tournament

SnapSports Team went to participated New Jersey Nets March Madness Tournament today. We advanced to the 2nd Round on Sunday but my two friends and myself could not make it due to other plans and work. Thomas Petersen, Tri State Dealer and myself created a great team. We upset great team with few NCAA Division 1 players. I had to play defense against 7 footer from Iona College (NCAA Division 1). I even won the jump ball and made a shot over his long arm when he tried to block my shot. It was a great experience for me to test against NCAA Division 1 players. I ended up scoring 8 points which we won 24-17. We only play two halves 10 minutes each. It was a great day playing on the New Jersey Nets Practice Facility Court where the Nets players practice everyday! Anyone want to TRY playing One on One with me? :-)

Chris Fairley, Justin Brooks and Craig Bryden

Awesome SnapSports Dealers, Thomas Petersen and Craig Bryden

Friday, March 13, 2009

$500 March Madness Special!!!!!!!!!!

Hurry up it expires by April 6th. Call me for court estimate appointment. 860 741 7377 or 203 507 8289. Cant miss the March Madness Special!!!!!!!!

SnapSports of Northern CT/Western Massachusetts is ready to GO!!!!!!!

Hello Friends.

Hope all is well with you! I recently did a home show at Connecticut Convention Center. A lot of customers came to my booth and filled out their information to receive free court estimates. They enjoyed seeing me dropping Snapple bottle on the tiles. They were amazed that the bottle never breaks. They loved the way the tiles look especially with our Outdoor Bounceback tiles!!