Monday, September 7, 2009

Beautiful 30 x 50 UConn Court (Windsor, CT)

Beautiful 30 x 50 UConn Court!

The Gould's family!

SnapSports NorthEast Crew s favorite drink when installing court!!! :-)

It was a long weekend installing this beautiful UConn Multi Purpose Court. The Deaf Family purchased this court. They were the first Deaf Family to buy SnapSports Court in the USA! Congrats to the Gould's family! They love the court! They can not wait to show the court to their friends and families for their daughter s birthday party this weekend!

I would like to say many thanks to my crew (David and Garfield) for their hard work and making this beautiful court as well! Also I would like to say many thanks to the Gould's family for providing us Sweet Iced Tea drinks the whole weekend! Hopefully our next court project we would get some more Lipton sweetened iced tea to drink! :-)

Our next court project in few weeks will be at North Kingstown, RI then Johnston, RI!! We are looking forward to installing more courts and bring more smiles to the children faces!

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