Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sold 30 x 50 Multi Purpose Court to a Deaf Couple!!

SnapSports NorthEast President, Craig Bryden and New SnapSports Customer, Gregory Gould.

I wanted to say big CONGRATULATIONS to Gregory & Diane Gould. They bought 30 x 50 Court with Ball Containment fencing with rebouncer. They will have UConn Huskies logo on their court. They are very exciting about getting a court for their family and friends to use. They have 2 children, Douglas 6, and Nicole 2.

They are the first deaf customers to purchase SnapSports court! SnapSports never had a deaf customer to purchase their court.. I was able to communicate with them using American Sign Language. They felt comfortable with me and I helped them with their court planning especially I helped interpret for Gregory when he had some questions with the tree removal guy.

After Gregory signed the contract, I took him and his son out to Pizza restuarant for dinner! It was a fun day! Right Gregory? :-)

We will install their court in mid July. We will take a picture of the whole family on their court when it is finished and post the picture in this blog.. Stay tuned...

SO who is next????? You better make court appointments with me soon before I get booked in july and august! It takes 3 to 4 weeks to get a court build...

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