Saturday, June 21, 2008

Awesome 28 x 36 Court!

New Rhino Owner, Ron has a beautiful Rhino Court in his backyard in Easthampton, Ma. Ron is a basketball official for high school and college games. He loves to play basketball. He decided to get a Rhino Court so he could play hoop with his 2 daughters. His daughters had a big smile on their face when they first saw their new Rhino Court!!

Ron and I exchanged e mails since February. He was debating whether or not to get a basketball court in his backyard. After he saw my Rhino Court in my backyard and my presentation with power point explaining to him how having Rhino Court would benefit for his family to use, he was inspired after seeing my court pictures and presentation! He was very impressed with my customer service especially how quick I reply with his e mails. Then he decided to purchase Rhino Court over other sports flooring companies.

Ron is looking forward playing R-H-I-N-O against me on his home court after he went 1-1 against me on my home court. I have to admit that I let him win his first R-H-I-N-O so he could feel good about himself ;-)

Ron mentioned that he is going to tell people to contact me if they are thinking about getting a backyard basketball court. Thanks Ron!

Have fun using your Rhino Court with your family!!!!! :-)

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Court! (East Longmeadow, MA)

Beautiful 30 x 35 Multi - Purpose Rhino Court was installed last weekend. Charles, Laureen and their daughters love their new Rhino Court. Their daughters have been playing non stop since last weekend. They play volleyball, badminton, basketball and tennis.

Charles and Laureen first found out about Rhino Court when my family passed out the flyers in their neighborhood. They called me the next day for a court estimate appointment. They felt in love with the courts pictures that I installed the last 2 years. They decided to buy Rhino Court right away.

I really enjoyed installing their court. Very nice family! They are only 15 minutes away from me. It s nice that I finally installed a Rhino Court close to my hometown. One day, I will stop by to play R-H-I-N-O instead of H-O-R-S-E with my 6 year old son, Daron. So be ready for us Charles and Laureen! ;-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Court by the Lake!!!

Rhino Crew (David, Travis, Ian and myself) survived while installing 30 by 42 Court in 100 degree weather last Sunday. Janet and her husband, Bill provided us with plenty of water all day which we were very thankful!

Janet and Bill shopped around looking for the best court for their sons to play on for few months. At first, they were not sure getting a Rhino Court because it was a little more expensive than the other sports flooring companies. I explained every details why Rhino Court would be the best court for their sons to play on. They were thinking of getting other court and even saw the court on the site which they mentioned they felt in love with the court that was a little cheaper than Rhino. I convinced them to check my Rhino Court before they made their decision. They came to see my court and loved what they saw as well! One week later, they decided to purchase Rhino Court because they love our qualities and my customer service.

Janet, Bill and their sons are Celtics fans. Janet also coach basketball. They have two young sons and their oldest son has one of the best shooting form I ever witnessed when he play some hoops on my Rhino Court with my oldest son, Daron. Daron is looking forward seeing him again when we have a Rhino Court party in few weeks at her court!!

Enjoy your Court!!!