Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gould's 30 x 50 Court Update

Steve removed one of the stumps.

30 x 50 Court graded and ready for Concrete pour!

Beautiful Concrete Court!

Gregory Gould's Court is getting there! My concrete contractor, Steve did a great job. He did every thing what Town of Windsor told him in order for Gould to get a court for his backyard. He removed 3 stumps and poured a really nice concrete pad! He added sleeves for ball containment fencing/10 x 15 rebouncer and hoop anchor as well. Greg Gould will be adding retaining wall on the back of the court because of the deep slope in his backyard. We should be installing the Bounceback Shocktower tiles and hoop hopefully this weekend if not then next weekend. Also the court will have UConn Logo in the key area! They are big UConn fan like I am!

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