Monday, December 20, 2010

World Basketball Festival in Springfield, MA

There was a World Basketball Festival in Springfield MA over the summer. Nike sponsored the event. They were very impressed with the indoor maple bouncback flooring for their event. Everything went smooth and we were lucky the weather did hold up because we had some showers in the afternoon then the sun came! We met a lot of people and fans during the events. The fans enjoyed the atmosphere and event as well! We are looking forward to hearing from them in near future! Please check the pictures below!

Len Frig, my son Daron and I

BoysTown of New England/Basketball Court Opening Ceremony

It is a beautiful court build by Mr. Dunk crew. Parents of Matthew McIntyre donated the money for this basketball court for Boys Town of New England. They are very impressed and happy with the basketball court especially they love the way the centered logo looks! Please read the newspaper article about the Opening of Matthew McIntyre Memorial Sports Complex! I was quoted in the article!

I wanted to thank Kevin Fullerton and Boys Town of New England for their hospitality. Kevin is a great guy! I was happy to get to know him and do business with him. If you want any references, please feel free to call him anytime you want!

Enjoy the pictures below!

Proud SnapSports NorthEast President!

Beautiful Basketball Court!

Parents of Matthew McIntyre cutting ribbon. It was an emotional moment for them!

SnapSports NorthEast President and Boys Town of New England Site Finanical officer, Kevin Fullerton