Monday, May 31, 2010

30 x 36 Celtics Court (Cromwell, CT)

We installed 30 x 36 Backyard Basketball court with Boston Celtics logo over the Memorial Day weekend! We finished the court in 1 day yesterday! We started from 8 30 am and finished at 7 30 pm. It was 95 degrees. I would like to say many thanks to my Mr. Dunk crew for their hard work especially with the heat!!! I would like to thank my customer, Junito for helping us installing his new court! He had a great time working with us! That was very cool for him to help us!!

Junito and I grew up together in Wethersfield.. We graduated together from Wethersfield High School in 1991. I am very excited to see his family to use their new court. His kids are going to enjoy every minute of it! Also a lot of cars and people would be driving pass the court which should expand my business. I am pretty sure I would get some calls from his neighborhood area very soon! Right Junito? :-)

Enjoy your new court with your family Junito!

Our Mr. Dunk crew taking one of the breaks because of 95 degrees. The court was almost done! They stayed inside Junito s house to cool off for a while.

All done in one day! Good Job to my Mr. Dunk crew!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

30 x 46 Court is all done in Barrington RI!

We finished install the court in Barrington RI... It was a hot day but beautiful day for painting as the paint were pretty much dried when we left the court!

Todd and his family will have a lot of memories playing on their court with their kids. Enjoy the court! :-)