Saturday, March 14, 2009

SnapSports won the first round for Nets March Madness Tournament

SnapSports Team went to participated New Jersey Nets March Madness Tournament today. We advanced to the 2nd Round on Sunday but my two friends and myself could not make it due to other plans and work. Thomas Petersen, Tri State Dealer and myself created a great team. We upset great team with few NCAA Division 1 players. I had to play defense against 7 footer from Iona College (NCAA Division 1). I even won the jump ball and made a shot over his long arm when he tried to block my shot. It was a great experience for me to test against NCAA Division 1 players. I ended up scoring 8 points which we won 24-17. We only play two halves 10 minutes each. It was a great day playing on the New Jersey Nets Practice Facility Court where the Nets players practice everyday! Anyone want to TRY playing One on One with me? :-)

Chris Fairley, Justin Brooks and Craig Bryden

Awesome SnapSports Dealers, Thomas Petersen and Craig Bryden

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