Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to develop your kid to be one of good basketball players in your town?

Daron Bryden # 11 Point Guard/Shooting Guard for AAU 4th Grade Middlesex Magic.

Hello friends,

My oldest son Daron who just turned 7 last month is already a good basketball player... I hate to brag but when he played for East Windsor 1st Grade League. He was the best player in the league averaging over 18 points. Even the director of the league went up to me and said that he should be playing in 2nd/3rd grade league even he is in first grade. A lot of parents thought Daron was not 1st grade because of his skills. They moved him to 2nd/3rd grade league.

Daron is currently playing for Under 10 4th grade AAU Middlesex Magic team near Boston, Ma. He is the ONLY 1st Grader on the team. Middlesex Magic Director said it is hard for first grader to play for 4th grade AAU team. I am so proud of him! He plays with Eddie House's son. Eddie House plays for Boston Celtics! The practice is every Friday and Sunday. The ride to practice weekly is very tough but I kept saying to myself that it is worth the experience for my son to play with bigger and better players. The drive is 1 hour 20 minutes each way! Daron never complained about the long drives. He is having a ball and loves to be with good players. Every friday when I get home from work, he is all ready to go to practice with his practice jersey on!!!

He is improving, getting stronger and gaining more confidence. He speaks up during the game. He was very bashful in the beginning. I am really proud of him!!! He has matured a lot the last 2 months when he joined the AAU team in Feb. Daron is going to have a busy summer playing two basketball leagues (Hartford, CT and Wilbraham, MA) then Starts football in August! I am looking forward teaching my next son Jaxon and daughter, Mikaela how to play basketball soon!

Tips how to get your children to be good at basketball:

1) Get a SnapSports Court for your backyard for your children to play. Court sizes do not matter. Even 20 by 20 Court is still good enough! Daron has 26 x 36 Court in his backyard.

2) Teach and coach your children how to shoot and dribble. If you do not know how to coach basketball, feel free to ask me. I have experiences coaching basketball for 6 years so far.

3) Spend a lot of time playing with your children on your SnapSports Court! Also make sure you tease and play around with your children so they would enjoy basketball a lot!

4) Get your children in K/1st grade league to get started if possible.. Have your kid try out for AAU team if you think he or she would be good enough physically. Tip: Daron was ready physically with bigger kids because he played football with full pads last year which helped him!

Hope it helps! Free free to post comments or ask questions, I would be more than happy to help you!

Craig Bryden Daron Bryden's Father

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