Sunday, April 5, 2009

SnapSports just released the Bounceback SHOCKTOWER Tile last week!!!

I am very excited about our new tile. The best tile ever in the industry.. I will get the sample tile this week so if you would like to see the tile, please e mail or give me a call.
SnapSports continues to lead the industry with the most advanced athletic sports surface on the globe. With the patent-pending ShockTower™ technology, SnapSports has again raised the bar in performance and safety that is unsurpassed by any other outdoor sports surfacing.

The main focus of the Outdoor BounceBack Game Court with ShockTower technology is to reduce the severity of injuries as well as enhance the personal safety of the athletes that play on it. There are sixteen individual ‘shock towers’ per square foot that ensure a consistent playing surface, an excellent coefficient of friction, and provides an unmatched level of shock absorption to reduce injury.

SHOCKTOWER™ A patented resilient shock technology designed with performance and safety in mind. The 2mm shock deflection offers excellent impact control and ball response while providing excellent rolling load support.
(Multi-Patents Pending)
Sixteen individual contact points ensure a consistent playing surface and excellent coefficient of friction to keep the surface in place.
(Multi-Patents Pending)
SHOCKLOCK® the most advanced
and innovative locking system in the modular
flooring industry. The ShockLock system allows the
interlocking modules to freely slide laterally,
reducing the impact to an athlete’s joints.
The design of the locking system also stays fully
engaged during play. This feature helps to reduce injury and provides
safety to players.
The understructure of our ShockTower™ Suspension System acts as a dual stage vertical impact absorber, reducing fatigue and injuries to players. There are just under 1200 multi-height shock absorbers per square foot. Each module weighs a full pound and stands 3/4".

The SnapSports BounceBack® Outdoor Court Surface is proven to be the indusry's BEST In abrasion & traction control! Tests conducted by an independent US laboratory determined SnapSports' BounceBack® outdoor courts to be the Industry’s BEST!

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