Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sold 30 x 60 Multi Game Court today! (North Kingstown, Rhode Island)

Mike's New House being build....

That is where 30 x 60 court will be located in their backyard. Rocks will be placed around the court. It will be a beautiful landscape!

I am pleased to say that Mike Pelletier purchased 30 x 60 Multi Game Court today. I first met Mike for our first appointment 2 months ago. Mike did some shopping talking to few competitors. Mike loves my customer service the way I can be reached if he has any questions. He wanted the best product in the market which is Bounceback Shocktower tiles. I kept in touch with Mike time to time to see how he was doing. He asked me if he could see me again this week so I went to see him today. I gave him a great deal so he signed today. He will be getting UNC court! Dark Blue, Sky Blue and Grey colors on his court including UNC logo! Wish it was a UConn court instead of UNC court. Sorry Mike :-)

His house is being build and will be ready in few months.. His goal was to get a court ready and fresh at the same time once the house is done. Now, he got it! :-)

Congrats Mike and we are thrilled to have you and your family as part of our SnapSports family!

Updates with my other courts: Greg Gould's 30 x 50 Court will be installed hopefully next weekend because he is having retaining wall installed this week. Greg cant not wait for UCONN logo to be installed on his court!

Thomas will be next to purchase Bounceback Shocktower tiles in September.

I will be having more appointments this coming week. It should be an exciting week!

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