Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A special night my son, Daron will never the day with Charlie Bell Milwaukee Bucks Point Guard

Charlie Bell, Milwaukee Bucks Point Guard and I kept in touch via Twitter for almost a year. We have became friends and played on Xbox LIVE few times playing Madden! Charlie gave my son and I free tickets and passes to watch him play against the New York Knicks at the Garden last night... After the game, we waited for Charlie Bell to get out of locker room. He went up immediately to my son Daron and gave him his game day sneakers that he wore last night with his signature on em. Daron had a HUGE smile and didnt know what to say to Charlie! I told Daron, "You need to say something back to Charlie" Then Daron was shy and said, "Thank you Charlie" Charlie introduced me to his wife, Kenya. Kenya is a beautiful lady! Charlie is a great gentlemen and we had a nice time chatting. We wished we stay longer to chat more with him and his wife but we had to go because it was 3 hours drive to get back home during the snow! Charlie is hoping to see us again when his team plays against the Celtics in Boston on April. We will be there Charlie! Maybe we can get something to eat after the game since we dont live far away from Boston! By the way Charlie may be interested having me to build his backyard court this summer. For sure I would bring Daron with me so he could beat Charlie one on one on his new court!!! ;-) For sure I am going to build him a UConn Court!!! Just Kidding Charlie ;-) I know he would want a Michigan State Spartans Court in his backyard!!! Thanks Charlie for everything and you made my son a very happy boy! He talked all day about your sneakers and meeting you last night! Thanks again!!!

SnapSports NorthEast son, Daron, SnapSportsNorthEast President, Craig Bryden and Charlie Bell, NBA Point Guard

Very Proud Daron holding Charlie Bell s signature sneakers!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Playing our backyard basketball court in the snow!!!!

Today was one of my best memories playing with my 2 sons, Daron and Jaxon on our backyard basketball court today!!! Daron is 7 and Jaxon is 4. We had a ball and of course I was a little tired after we played because I had to shovel the court all myself!!!!!!! Enjoy the pictures!!!

Daron's Basketball Team Updates: He is currently playing 3 Basketball teams this season.. He plays for St Bernard 5th/6th Grade Travel Team as Back Up Point Guard and Shooting Guard, NorthWest Boys and Girls Club (Hartford, CT) Starting Shooting Guard and Enfield 1st/2nd Grade Youth Basketball League Starting Point Guard! He recently tried out for AAU team, Middlesex Magic (located near Boston, MA) Under 10 and coaches would like him to be a Point Guard. He is going to try out for one more AAU team in Springfield Ma before we make our decision which team Daron wants to play for during AAU Spring Season!

SnapSports NorthEast President, Craig Bryden shoveling his court!

One of his sons, Daron shooting some hoops while his Dad was shoveling the court!

Daron playing one on one with his Dad!

His 2 sons, Daron and Jaxon playing some solid defense against their Dad!!

Jaxon watching his older brother, Daron displaying his dribble skills!