Monday, December 20, 2010

World Basketball Festival in Springfield, MA

There was a World Basketball Festival in Springfield MA over the summer. Nike sponsored the event. They were very impressed with the indoor maple bouncback flooring for their event. Everything went smooth and we were lucky the weather did hold up because we had some showers in the afternoon then the sun came! We met a lot of people and fans during the events. The fans enjoyed the atmosphere and event as well! We are looking forward to hearing from them in near future! Please check the pictures below!

Len Frig, my son Daron and I

BoysTown of New England/Basketball Court Opening Ceremony

It is a beautiful court build by Mr. Dunk crew. Parents of Matthew McIntyre donated the money for this basketball court for Boys Town of New England. They are very impressed and happy with the basketball court especially they love the way the centered logo looks! Please read the newspaper article about the Opening of Matthew McIntyre Memorial Sports Complex! I was quoted in the article!

I wanted to thank Kevin Fullerton and Boys Town of New England for their hospitality. Kevin is a great guy! I was happy to get to know him and do business with him. If you want any references, please feel free to call him anytime you want!

Enjoy the pictures below!

Proud SnapSports NorthEast President!

Beautiful Basketball Court!

Parents of Matthew McIntyre cutting ribbon. It was an emotional moment for them!

SnapSports NorthEast President and Boys Town of New England Site Finanical officer, Kevin Fullerton

Monday, July 19, 2010

Boys Town New England Court is almost done...

Mr Dunk crew installed 40 by 70 court in this heat 95 degree weather yesterday! We are almost finished. We need to install netting, logos and painting the basketball lines. Boys Town staff are very happy the way court is looking so far! They are getting very excited. They will have media, tv news, and editors from several newspapers once the court is done. It is going to be a great exposure for my business!

Please check the pictures below!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Next project is Boystown of New England!

Mr. Dunk Crew is so exciting to start the project next week. My concrete contractors will start the job next Monday. It is going to be a full outdoor court project which is 40 by 70. I am so exciting and boystown of new england will have their new court being on TV Local News and newspaper as well once it is completely installed... I will keep you in the loop once we start the project! Stay tuned!

Check out beautiful 30 x 50 in Little Compton, RI!

This court was one of my favorites because I love going to their town named Little Compton, RI. Little Compton is a gem of Cape Cod! It is so beautiful and peaceful! I painted the lines during the HEATWAVE! It was about 100 degrees out there when I painted the lines.. Nothing can stop me or Mr. Dunk Crew because I wanted to show them I provide great customer services no matter what! :-) They had their 4th of July party about over 75 people and saying that their court was a BIG HIT! Looks like I will get good networking from them! Please check the pictures below of their new 30 x 50 court. The court has a Boston Celtics logo on their key! Beautiful logo? They have a son named Jake and he loves his new court! Enjoy your new toy Jake! :-)

I was so exhasted and HOT from the HEAT!!!! I had to pour water over my head to keep me GOING!!!! :-)

SnapSports President Craig Bryden busy painting the lines!

Beautiful landscaping around their new court!

When I first saw the court, my first reaction was "WOWOWOWOW" I was in love with their court when I first saw it after they upgraded their new court with 3 steps retaining walls!!!! It looks beautiful. I have to say this is the best landscaping I have seen since I have been in this business for 5 years. Nice job Todd! Todd told me he have some people may be interested getting new Mr. Dunk Courts! :-)

24 x 26 Shooting Court (West Hartford, CT)

This was the first court I build with compacted stone & stonedust base instead of concrete base. I was very impressed it works very well especially with the ball bounce and the feel of duracourt tiles on top of compacted stone & stonedust base! My son and their son had a ball playing with each other on the court once it was finished installed. The court has a jumpman court in their key. I will go back and paint the lines next week. They love their new court and enjoy your new court Steve for the rest of your summer!

30 x 50 Soliders Home Basketball Court

Check the the pictures of Soliders Home 30 by 50 Court. Retired soliders love using their new court to get them in shape! I love this court because it represent our country USA. The court colors are red, blue and white! I wanted to thank them for choosing SnapSports! They were very impressed with our customer services and would recommended the people to purchase Mr. Dunk products! Thanks and enjoy the court!

Monday, May 31, 2010

30 x 36 Celtics Court (Cromwell, CT)

We installed 30 x 36 Backyard Basketball court with Boston Celtics logo over the Memorial Day weekend! We finished the court in 1 day yesterday! We started from 8 30 am and finished at 7 30 pm. It was 95 degrees. I would like to say many thanks to my Mr. Dunk crew for their hard work especially with the heat!!! I would like to thank my customer, Junito for helping us installing his new court! He had a great time working with us! That was very cool for him to help us!!

Junito and I grew up together in Wethersfield.. We graduated together from Wethersfield High School in 1991. I am very excited to see his family to use their new court. His kids are going to enjoy every minute of it! Also a lot of cars and people would be driving pass the court which should expand my business. I am pretty sure I would get some calls from his neighborhood area very soon! Right Junito? :-)

Enjoy your new court with your family Junito!

Our Mr. Dunk crew taking one of the breaks because of 95 degrees. The court was almost done! They stayed inside Junito s house to cool off for a while.

All done in one day! Good Job to my Mr. Dunk crew!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

30 x 46 Court is all done in Barrington RI!

We finished install the court in Barrington RI... It was a hot day but beautiful day for painting as the paint were pretty much dried when we left the court!

Todd and his family will have a lot of memories playing on their court with their kids. Enjoy the court! :-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

30 x 46 Court in Barrington RI

We worked on the court last week. We are almost finished. We have to go back in few days to install the hoop and painting the lines as well! The customer has their portable driveway hoop on their new SnapSports court for now because their boys cant wait for few more days so we installed the portable hoop for them to play on their court now :-)

Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A special night my son, Daron will never the day with Charlie Bell Milwaukee Bucks Point Guard

Charlie Bell, Milwaukee Bucks Point Guard and I kept in touch via Twitter for almost a year. We have became friends and played on Xbox LIVE few times playing Madden! Charlie gave my son and I free tickets and passes to watch him play against the New York Knicks at the Garden last night... After the game, we waited for Charlie Bell to get out of locker room. He went up immediately to my son Daron and gave him his game day sneakers that he wore last night with his signature on em. Daron had a HUGE smile and didnt know what to say to Charlie! I told Daron, "You need to say something back to Charlie" Then Daron was shy and said, "Thank you Charlie" Charlie introduced me to his wife, Kenya. Kenya is a beautiful lady! Charlie is a great gentlemen and we had a nice time chatting. We wished we stay longer to chat more with him and his wife but we had to go because it was 3 hours drive to get back home during the snow! Charlie is hoping to see us again when his team plays against the Celtics in Boston on April. We will be there Charlie! Maybe we can get something to eat after the game since we dont live far away from Boston! By the way Charlie may be interested having me to build his backyard court this summer. For sure I would bring Daron with me so he could beat Charlie one on one on his new court!!! ;-) For sure I am going to build him a UConn Court!!! Just Kidding Charlie ;-) I know he would want a Michigan State Spartans Court in his backyard!!! Thanks Charlie for everything and you made my son a very happy boy! He talked all day about your sneakers and meeting you last night! Thanks again!!!

SnapSports NorthEast son, Daron, SnapSportsNorthEast President, Craig Bryden and Charlie Bell, NBA Point Guard

Very Proud Daron holding Charlie Bell s signature sneakers!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Playing our backyard basketball court in the snow!!!!

Today was one of my best memories playing with my 2 sons, Daron and Jaxon on our backyard basketball court today!!! Daron is 7 and Jaxon is 4. We had a ball and of course I was a little tired after we played because I had to shovel the court all myself!!!!!!! Enjoy the pictures!!!

Daron's Basketball Team Updates: He is currently playing 3 Basketball teams this season.. He plays for St Bernard 5th/6th Grade Travel Team as Back Up Point Guard and Shooting Guard, NorthWest Boys and Girls Club (Hartford, CT) Starting Shooting Guard and Enfield 1st/2nd Grade Youth Basketball League Starting Point Guard! He recently tried out for AAU team, Middlesex Magic (located near Boston, MA) Under 10 and coaches would like him to be a Point Guard. He is going to try out for one more AAU team in Springfield Ma before we make our decision which team Daron wants to play for during AAU Spring Season!

SnapSports NorthEast President, Craig Bryden shoveling his court!

One of his sons, Daron shooting some hoops while his Dad was shoveling the court!

Daron playing one on one with his Dad!

His 2 sons, Daron and Jaxon playing some solid defense against their Dad!!

Jaxon watching his older brother, Daron displaying his dribble skills!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

YMCA Letter of Recommendation!

January 14, 2010

Craig Bryden
Snapsports NorthEast


I wanted to Thank You for your good work in the installation of the SnapSports Oak Flooring in the Aerobic Studio of our Bayside YMCA Branch. Our members are very pleased with the new floor.

With consideration to the environment and other factors associated with that room, the SnapSports flooring was an ideal solution. The fact that your part of renovation for that room, the installation of the floor, took only one day, greatly reduced the down time for our members.

I appreciate the job you and your personnel did with this project. Thank you for your assistance.

Cezar L. Ferreira
Association Facilities & Risk Director

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Aerobic Court at YMCA (Barrington, RI)

Our crew did a beautiful job installing 41 x 41 Aerobic Court at the YMCA (Barrington, RI) YMCA loves the court. A lot of the members were impressed with the tiles. Our crew finished the court installation in 1 day with only 3 people! We are looking forward to do more future jobs with the YMCAs in Rhode Island! Mr. Dunk would like to thank the YMCA for their business and faith in our crew for the work! Enjoy the pictures below!


My SnapSports NorthEast Crew busy installing the court!

All done! Finished in 1 day!

YMCA members love their new flooring!

SnapSports NorthEast President, Craig Bryden and Cezar Ferreira, YMCA Facilities Director