Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peter Lynch will play for Middlebury College next year!

I received an e mail from Peter Lynch's mother, Carla this morning. Carla and Kevin Lynch are very exciting about Peter playing for Middlebury College next year. Middlebury College is NCAA Division 3 college located in Middlebury, Vermont.

I remembered Peter clearly when I went to Lynch's house for court estimate appointment 3 years ago. He was a really tall kid! He was an easy going kid. I knew he had the talent when he played against me one on one on their court! He was tough to beat!

As noted in the, Middlebury College has added Peter Lynch to the fold for next year. Lynch is a do it all type of role playing forward in the mold of the Boston Celtics’ Brian Scalabrine. He’s a physical interior presence, an extremely hard worker on both ends of the floor, and someone who doesn’t need a lot of shots to impact the game. Simply said, he’s the kid of guy who helps his team win.

I wish Peter the best of luck playing for Middlebury College! I am proud to announce that Peter is my first customer that will be playing for NCAA Basketball team!

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