Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Check out beautiful 30 x 50 in Little Compton, RI!

This court was one of my favorites because I love going to their town named Little Compton, RI. Little Compton is a gem of Cape Cod! It is so beautiful and peaceful! I painted the lines during the HEATWAVE! It was about 100 degrees out there when I painted the lines.. Nothing can stop me or Mr. Dunk Crew because I wanted to show them I provide great customer services no matter what! :-) They had their 4th of July party about over 75 people and saying that their court was a BIG HIT! Looks like I will get good networking from them! Please check the pictures below of their new 30 x 50 court. The court has a Boston Celtics logo on their key! Beautiful logo? They have a son named Jake and he loves his new court! Enjoy your new toy Jake! :-)

I was so exhasted and HOT from the HEAT!!!! I had to pour water over my head to keep me GOING!!!! :-)

SnapSports President Craig Bryden busy painting the lines!

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