Thursday, April 10, 2008

Your Rhino Dealer is getting BUSY!!

Hello Rhino Friends,

I hope this blog finds you well! I am very exciting about our 2008 season. I sold 2 courts the last 10 days. I sold a court in Galway, NY and East Hampton, Mass. I have 5 more court appts the next 10 days. It is going to be a busy spring and summer for my rhino crew!

I am giving my customers 1 percent off court package if they order the court by the end of April. Do not miss the special offer!!!! Rhino has been hot selling our new tile that came out this year MicroTrac 34 Tiles.. Every one has been e mailing or calling me to see the new tiles and wanted to feel it. They love the way it feels and looks.

Call or e mail me to schedule an estimate appointment and get your dream court ready for the summer!!! :-)

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