Thursday, April 10, 2008

# 46 Best Madden Player in the World!

Hello Rhino Friends,

Just wanted to show you a surprise news! I am number 46 best Madden Baller in the world! It is a honor to make the top 50 even I dont play the game too much because I am too busy seeing my customers or building rhino courts!!! I play Madden on Xbox 360 once or two times a week if i get lucky! I guess I am natural playing the game. There is a rumor that ESPN may pick me to play on Madden Nation TV Show on ESPN in August! That would be a great experience for me to be on TV and make all of my Rhino friends PROUD!!! Check the link

I know its hard to believe 35 year old guy like me playing Madden video games.. I play Madden few times a week to help me relieve stress at night. Most of the times I relieve my stress playing on my Rhino Court in my backyard!!!

Even my Rhino Mentor tells me he would beat me easy playing Madden. Let s wait and see in the summer because he will be coming to visit me and check the rhino courts I build this year!

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