Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Your Western Mass Rhino Dealer won 2007 Mr. Spirit Award!!!

I flew to Arizona for Rhino Training Camp recently.  It was great to see my mentor, rhino staff and friends!  Almost all the dealers in the USA attended the training camp.  We are very exciting about this year because Rhino announced few new products!!!  I am so motivate and exciting to build more new courts for my customers this year!  
During the training camp, we had award night.  I won the 2007 Mr Spirit Award!  I was very delighted to received the award from Rhino CEO, Mr John Shaffer.  They were impressed with my motivation, and confidence.  They spoke how they really admire me what I did,  I saw UMass Basketball Head Coach, Travis Ford playing with his kids on his front yard on the way home after visiting one of my customers appointment.  I pulled over, and went up to introduce myself to Mr Ford.  He was very impressed what I am doing for living.  It went great!  I was told that he is seriously thinking about getting Rhino Court soon for his kids to play on!!!

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