Saturday, June 21, 2008

Awesome 28 x 36 Court!

New Rhino Owner, Ron has a beautiful Rhino Court in his backyard in Easthampton, Ma. Ron is a basketball official for high school and college games. He loves to play basketball. He decided to get a Rhino Court so he could play hoop with his 2 daughters. His daughters had a big smile on their face when they first saw their new Rhino Court!!

Ron and I exchanged e mails since February. He was debating whether or not to get a basketball court in his backyard. After he saw my Rhino Court in my backyard and my presentation with power point explaining to him how having Rhino Court would benefit for his family to use, he was inspired after seeing my court pictures and presentation! He was very impressed with my customer service especially how quick I reply with his e mails. Then he decided to purchase Rhino Court over other sports flooring companies.

Ron is looking forward playing R-H-I-N-O against me on his home court after he went 1-1 against me on my home court. I have to admit that I let him win his first R-H-I-N-O so he could feel good about himself ;-)

Ron mentioned that he is going to tell people to contact me if they are thinking about getting a backyard basketball court. Thanks Ron!

Have fun using your Rhino Court with your family!!!!! :-)

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Hoopofficial said...

Craig, thank you for the wonderful court. You did a fantastic job getting this project finished as promised. It was promised to be perfect and that is how it ended up. Trust me, I am a perfectionist and Craig delivered. He is an honest and hard working guy who kept me very well informed all along the way. I am glad that I made the decision to go with him and Rhino. His pricing was much more competitive then his competition and quite frankly, having seen both, the Rhino product is better too. Thanks again Craig for meeting your promise and delivering a perfect court. My family and I thank you. Please do not hesitate to
use me as a reference. Good luck with your future projects. PS. We still need to have the rubber game of our game of H-O-R-S-E. This time on my home court.